Elena Andronache
Founder of EllaFineArt, Productony & EA Education

— capturing moments since 2009

Hi and welcome to my page! Here you can find how I can be of service to you in creating your / your company's visual identity in the form that suits you best.


I am creating " the moment" with plenty of light and love, very focused on the details such as background, color palette, carefully chosen props which at the end help me create an integral image and express the philosophy of your brand.

Since 2013 I am continuously helping many brands (Jhonson and Jhonson, Nikita Rinadi, Casa Cristea, Sorma Group, Agrici Wine, Fautor, etc.) and businesses to create the image of their products, the content for their social media channels and for their websites.


I put a lot of soul in every tiny thing I do.

As a potential customer, you must be wondering what is in my skill-set and how you can work with me?
* You can always reach me out via contacts page.
* Then we can discuss via e-mail or a ZOOM meeting:
- the main idea, the concept and the scope of the project/ photoshoot
- the number of shoots, style, usage.
* After discussing all the details we can create together a mood board and a shoot list.
* On the day of the photoshoot I will send you some test images in order to make sure that you, as a client are receiving the wanted result.
* If everything is good I will take the rest of the pictures and after that, I will send them via a personal gallery, created especially for you on my website.


My potential clients are COMPANIES who are in need of great photos of their products, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Instagram shops, E-commerce web sites who need a professional and original image content of their products.




With Love and light,