Tulip fever in The Netherlands. Create your own fairy tale in the Bloomed Tulip Fields.

How you could guess already, tulips are my favorite flowers and because of that one of my biggest dreams was to visit at least one time in my life the gorgeous tulip fields from The Netherlands. And when you wish for something really bad , that something always finds a way and comes to you. Last year I had the chance to visit these special places full of colors and scents.

I didn’t want this post to be trivial, that’s why I decided to make it useful and to answer here to the most of the questions that I received in private messages on my Instagram account. I really hope that this post may serve you as the motivation to plan your own adventure in the Tulip Fields of The Netherlands.

  Where can we find the Tulip Fields in The Netherlands?
I think that most of you know about the famous garden called Keukenhof. A lot of people think that there you can find the tulip fields because a lot of bloggers/influencers mentioned it as the location in their pictures who were made in the fields. Yes, you can enjoy some nice views of some tulips fields from there, but keep in mind that you can only admire them from a long distance and the access to them and taking pictures near them is unfortunately forbidden. Below, you can find a list of locations where you can fully enjoy a walk and take some nice pictures near the fields.

- Lisse

- Leiden

- Sassenheim

- Noordwijk

- Hillegom

All these places are located in the Duin-en Bollenstreek region, Zuid Holland Province (or South Holland). The field were I took the photos last year are located between Lisse and Hillegom. If you can’t go there by car, you can take the train till the Keukenhof station which is very close to them. You can rent a bike from the station and explore the wonderful part of the countryside of the Holland as well.

P. S. The fields are long and look like colorful carpets, they can not remain unnoticed.

In what period the fields are bloomed?
The period of time in which you can enjoy the bloomed fields varies from one year to another, the best way to find them bloomed is to pay attention on the period when Keukenhof garden is open. Usually this period is between  March 25 - May 15, with little changes in every year.
Also you can take a look on this web site flowerradar.nl where you can find the location of the fields who already bloomed.
There is no photo that is able to render the beauty of these fields as they are in real life, there is no such photography that can render the emotions and sensations that you can experience in the moment when you walk near them and feel the fine smell of the tulips. For your inspiration I also recommend seeing the movie "Tulip fever", seeing it, helped me understand many of the Dutch culture and traditions related to the tulips in general.

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